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Carboline® Coatings, Linings, Fireproofing

Galveston Bay Paint & Decorating is your exclusive dealer for Carboline® Products in the Port of Houston and Galveston Bay areas. Carboline coating, lining, and fireproofing products are rigorously tested and trusted by industries around the world. Carboline has unique formulas that are perfectly suited to meet the demands of greater Houston and Texas Gulf Coast industries such as Commercial & Industrial marine, Oil & Gas, Energy, Petrochemical Refining, Manufacturing, and many more.

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Carboline® - Industry Proven since 1947

Carboline was founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1947 and produces high-quality performance coatings, linings, and fireproofing products to serve a variety of industries throughout the world. Carboline’s cutting-edge research and development center is a reflection of its commitment to remaining at the forefront of the protective coatings industry.

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Carboline Product Applications

Carboline® Product Application Guide

View the online Carboline® Product Application Guide. Find the right product for the job no matter the application, indurstry, or environment.

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Carboline® Carboguard 60

Carboguard 60 is a high solids, versatile, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, and corrosion resistant coating. It can be used as a primer, intermediate coat, or self-priming finish over steel or inorganic zinc primers. May be topcoated with itself, or a broad variety of high performance finish coats. This product has excellent wetting properties giving it the capability of going over marginally prepared substrates. It is ideal for maintenance and fabrication shop applications. An optional Glass Flake (GF) additive or micaceous iron oxide (MiO) additive can be purchased separately and may be used to enhance film strength for more abusive applications for severe marine or heavy industrial uses. Consult Technical Service for suitability as a lining or other exposures.

Carboline Carboguard 60

Carboguard 60

Carboline® Carboguard 635

An all-purpose immersion-grade epoxy that has a variety of attributes including low-temperature cure, surface tolerance, fast recoat times, moisture tolerance during application and cure, and excellent corrosion protection. Can be used direct to metal as a corrosion resistant primer, an intermediate coating over itself and many other primers, and can be used as a finish coat. Suitable for both maintenance and new construction projects due to its excellent surface wetting characteristics and quick cure for handling. May also be used for immersion in potable water, fresh or salt water (marine) exposures. Meets IMO performance for ballast tanks for marine vessels.

Carboline Carboguard 635

Carboguard 635

Carboline® Bitumastic 300 M

Renowned high build coal tar epoxy polyamide for protection of steel and concrete in single or two-coat applications in a broad variety of aggressive industrial applications.

Carboline Bitumastic 300 M

Bitumastic 300 M

Carboline® Carboseal 985

Carboseal 985 is a high-solids polyaspartic developed for floor coating applications. It is designed to optimize leveling and wetting properties. Its characteristics include excellent chemical resistance, adhesion, and resistance to UV degradation. Carboseal 985 will provide a smooth glossy finish when fully cured. It is low VOC product and is virtually odor free.

Carboline Carboseal 985

Carboseal 985

Carboline® Carbothane 133 HB

High build, low sheen finish that has excellent resistance to corrosion, chemicals and abrasion. Suitable for application over a number of Carboline primers and intermediates, this material provides very good weathering performance in a broad range of colors.

Carboline Carbothane 133 HB

Carbothane 133 HB

Carboline® Carbothane 8832

Carbothane 8832 is a fast dry, high gloss, high build, two component polyurethane coating. Carbothane 8832 exhibits the excellent dry times and handling characteristics required by Original Equipment Manufacturers. This coating has outstanding hardness, adhesion and resistance to impact, marring, abrasion and staining. Carbothane 8832 is recommended as a direct to metal finish coat or as a finish coat over properly primed substrates. Typical applications include air compressors, propane tanks, trailer chassis and frames, valves, pumps, waste water treatment plant equipment, agricultural equipment, hazardous material storage buildings and general industrial equipment. Not recommended for continuous immersion service.

Carboline Carbothane 8832

Carbothane 8832

Carboline® Rustbond PS

Rustbond PS is a very low VOC epoxy primer/sealer that combines outstanding surface tolerance characteristics over marginally prepared substrates and user-friendly features. It accepts a variety of topcoats and can help save time and money by minimizing surface preparation requirements for new construction, maintenance and overcoating projects. Rustbond PS has good pot life at higher temperatures to help minimize waste and also cures at low temperatures down to 35°F (1.7°C) with Additive 8505 so you have one Rustbond product for year-round application.

Carboline Rustbond PS

Rustbond PS

Carboline® Thermaline Heat Shield

This is an extreme performance coating for hot, cryogenic and cycling exposures. Thermaline Heat Shield contains a unique blend of plate-like reinforcing pigments fortified with an inert polymeric matrix. The resulting film provides an outstanding barrier against corrosives and harsh exposures typically seen in elevated temperature environments. This versatile coating is ideal for all piping, vessels and equipment operating from cryogenic conditions up to 1200°F. It is particularly well suited to prevent corrosion under insulated equipment/piping for both carbon steel substrates and stainless steels. This fortified coating has superior shop handling properties over standard silicone coatings (see Curing). It is recommended for CS-6 and SS-5 systems of NACE SP0198 Standard Practice for coatings to control corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Carboline Thermaline Heat Shield

Thermaline Heat Shield

Carboline® Sanitile 120

Universal bonding primer that adheres tenaciously to virtually any surface including difficult-to-coat substrates like galvanized and stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, FRP and ceramic tile. Designed for topcoating with most generic types.

Carboline Sanitile 120

Sanitile 120

Carboline® Coating Thinners

100% Solids Epoxy Pre-Primer

Thinner 10

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Clear Acrylic Sealer

Thinner 25

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Moisture Tolerant Quick Set Epoxy Sealer

Thinner 76

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