Gennex Color Technology from Benjamin Moore

Gennex® Color Technology

Galveston Bay Paint & Decorating is proud to carry Benjamin Moore's full range of paints featuring Gennex® Color Technology. Benjamin Moore's exclusive Gennex® Color Technology delivers gorgeous hues and unsurpassed durability to ensure the Benjamin Moore color you love lasts for years and years. It’s the "why" behind Benjamin Moore’s renowned quality.

Benjamin Moore Paint Spread
Gennex Color Technology

Gennex: The Science of Stronger

Most common paint colorants require the addition of certain chemicals so that they can mix easily into any number of paints.

Benjamin Moore realized that if they made their own colorants, designed specifically for Benjamin Moore paints, that they could remove unnecessary chemicals that weaken paint. What they ended up with is a formula that’s better, stronger and simpler.

Gennex Color Technology

Truly One-of-its-Kind Color

Gennex waterborne colorants give Benjamin Moore paints vibrant hues that last for years.

Superior color consistency is the precise result of Benjamin Moore paint and Benjamin Moore Gennex colorant, together. This particular pairing is what makes Benjamin Moore products impossible to replicate.

So if you’ve spent days, weeks or even months choosing a Benjamin Moore color, it’s critical to buy it from Galveston Bay Paint & Decorating. We guarantee that the color that you see and fall in love with at our store, is what you get at home.

Gennex Color Technology

Ultra Durable,
Remarkably Fade Resistant

Benjamin Moore paint engineered with Gennex Color Technology resists color fading indoors–and stands up to harsh weather conditions outdoors. This means the Benjamin Moore color you love stays truer over time, so you only repaint when you want to, not out of necessity.

And while other manufacturers’ paints may be less durable with darker colors, thanks to Gennex, you get both premium color and proven longevity across the entire color spectrum.

Gennex Color Technology

Environmentally Responsible

When we launched Gennex, we were the first company in the U.S. to introduce a zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) waterborne tinting system. The innovation of Gennex enables our zero-VOC paints to remain zero-VOC even after being tinted with Gennex colorants, an impossibility with generic, all-purpose colorant.

Gennex is a testament to Benjamin Moore’s dedication to meet or exceed the most stringent environmental standards. With over 3,500 colors, you can pick the exact color you need, and know you’ve been environmentally responsible with each and every one of them.

Interior Designers Depend
on Gennex

Achieving color accuracy for every client is of utmost importance to interior designers. Gennex gives them peace of mind.

"Gennex Color Technology ensures that the colors I pick are going to remain the same for years to come." See one designer delve deep into what makes a paint color great in this video.

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